Your song…

I recommend listening to this beautiful track “Watching the boats with my dad” by Buckethead…thats what triggered these verses..

Days are shorter
Nights go on
Evening comes
with Faded lights

Tears dried up
heart is warmer
A flame still burns
but I don’t miss you

Your gentle kisses
Careless caresses
Your sweet voice
That silent…

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When I found you…

You’re the light,
on a dark stormy night…
An oasis of life,
in the desert of my heart…

When I found you,
I wasn’t looking for love,
wasn’t looking for life,
now it’s too difficult to die…

Writing songs about you,
never to be sung..
Painting dreams about you,
never to be realised…

My love has no reason..
No reason for you to know..
It won’t be any treason,
if you let go…

Cause When I found you,

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Moving on…

Moving on…

How do I forget her?
The one who was never mine
The one who breathed life in me
Someone who I could have called mine

How could I let go?
When I know there is none like you
There is no one who could take your place
Someone to keep my mind occupied

How do I believe?
That you were never meant for me
That it was never meant to be
And how do I face this reality?

Moving on is never easy
Staying here is…

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Lonely heart…

Lonely heart…

Lonely hearts
Breaking apart
Moving in line
Looking for a start

The end is near
Light shines clear
Growing apart
Still there’s a fear

Cold night will pass
There will be cheer
Nothing to fear
Just follow your heart

I’ll wipe your tears
I’ll take you in my arms
Drink up your worries
And free your lonely heart

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An ode to my teachers..

I have come a long way
walking hand in hand
still I think of the first day
when you helped me stand

you taught me everything
that I needed to know
gently prepared my wings
now I listen to my heart and flow

I am what I am today
thanks to your patience and care
I am your creation
and I hope to be like you some day

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There are things,
I do not care much for..
Emotions I choose to ignore,
and then there is you…
Unforgettable you…

People come and go,
often there are highs and lows..
Love and hate follow,
yet there is your
unforgettable love…

Its been a while,
times have changed..
We have moved on,
yet I still see you smile..
That unforgettable smile..

Miles apart we walk,
not seeing eye to eye..
I grope in the…

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Project 365: Day 183, Blue streets

Most of the city is extremely walkable, streets being narrow and shaded almost throughout the day.

Destry me….

Destry me….

Destroy me
I need the pain
Let it flow
Right through my brain

There is no other way
I can survive
Without you
It’s just not right

How should I explain
That together no one stands to gain
Pain is our only ally
Misery my only friend

Destroy me once again!
Let me feel the pain
Don’t read between the lines
Just let me go…

Destroy me

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Project 365: Day 181, In awe

A tourist stands in awe appreciating the intricate mirror work at the City Palace, Udaipur.

Project 365: Day 181, Face off

A street vendor sells colors near the Jagdish temple which is a important tourist attraction apart from the City Palace.

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