Flower power
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Project 365: Day 185

A traditionally dressed up woman waits by the street. She does seem a bit irritated but I assure you it wasn’t beacuse of me, cause I think she hardly noticed me…

Take me to that place…

Project 365: Day 1

There’s a place not far from here,
We’ve been there together before
will you take me there in my dreams
that place I’d love to see

There’s a longing in my heart
if only I could start playing
a stronger role in your life
so will you keep me in your heart?

Seasons have changed
the rain is past and winter will set in soon
would you hold me then and ease the pain
And I would wish the season would…

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#nature #naturephotography #photography

Flower power
#nature #naturephotography

Project 365: Day 184, Man with a turban

Project 365: Day 184, Traditional turban

184 street photographer

Udaipur diaries: Man with a turban

It’s exactly a year since I started with Project 365. How’s that possible if my entry for today says Day 184 you ask? Those of you have been following me since day 1 would know that something is not right. I anyway think my followers deserve an explanation.

Posting a photograph everyday has been tough and many a times my other engagements have got more priority.…

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Your song…


I recommend listening to this beautiful track “Watching the boats with my dad” by Buckethead…thats what triggered these verses..

Days are shorter
Nights go on
Evening comes
with Faded lights

Tears dried up
heart is warmer
A flame still burns
but I don’t miss you

Your gentle kisses
Careless caresses
Your sweet voice
That silent…

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When I found you…


You’re the light,
on a dark stormy night…
An oasis of life,
in the desert of my heart…

When I found you,
I wasn’t looking for love,
wasn’t looking for life,
now it’s too difficult to die…

Writing songs about you,
never to be sung..
Painting dreams about you,
never to be realised…

My love has no reason..
No reason for you to know..
It won’t be any treason,
if you let go…

Cause When I found you,

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